“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Luke 4:42




When daylight came, Jesus left the house

and made His way to a lonely place.


– Luke 4:42 (NIV)






Jesus was a busy man

carrying out a Divine Mission.

but He too made the time

to reflect quietly,

to pray privately,

to speak to the Father

away from interruptions, noise and distractions.


As in everything else,

here too, He sets an example.

We all need to find the time

and that quiet place, inside or outside our home,

where we can pray and reflect.


When Jesus reflected,

He was not on His own

– He was with God;

He did not speak to Himself

– He turned His mind and heart to God.


When we go to that quiet place to reflect and pray like Jesus did,

we too will not be alone

because the Lord will be with us

and we must always be conscious of that honour.

Otherwise, we run the risk

of praying for the wrong reason,

harbouring the wrong thoughts

and of reaching the wrong conclusions

– those which we think will satisfy and suit us best.


On the other hand,

when we acknowledge His presence,

we will find peace

and consolation

and truth

and that incomparable joy in the Lord!






“You ask:

‘To pray is to talk with God.

But about what?’


About what? About Him, about yourself:

joys, sorrows, successes and failures,

noble ambitions, daily worries,


And acts of thanksgiving and petitions:

and love and reparation…”


– St. Josemaria Escriva






Lord, come with me to that quiet place

– everyday.

Teach me Your truth, Lord, and fill me with Your peace.


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