“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – John 6:27b;29




Jesus said,

“Spend your energy seeking the eternal life that the Son of Man can give you.


This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the One He has sent.”


– John 6:27b;29 (NLT)






Jesus wants us to have faith in Him,

for He is the Son of Man,

the giver of the food that does not perish.


Without faith in Him whom the Father has sent,

it is not possible to recognise and accept

this glorious ‘gift’ which does not pass away.

Not to believe in Jesus is, consequently,

the gravest error we can make.


Many, also within the Church itself,

already live a superficial and pagan life,

being active in different ways

but not really believing in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


And so we are all invited to a profound conversion,

to a deep union with the Sacred Heart

and to a personal faith in Jesus Christ,

that we will experience the richness of His merciful and just love.


Belief in Jesus Christ is the way to arrive definitively at salvation,

and we who believe

are being called to be burning flames of Christian love,

to give witness to the world

so that many more may truly believe in the One whom God has sent

and rush into Jesus’ waiting arms!






Lord Jesus, I believe. Forgive my unbelief and fill me with love and hope!


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