“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Matthew 19:30




Jesus said,

“Many who are first will be last,

and the last, first.”


– Matthew 19:30 (JB)






So we think that we’ve made it!

We believe that are on the right track

and moving in the right direction.

We are good and holy…

and so many others aren’t.


We had better think again,

because if that is what we think of ourselves,

and of others,

then we have certainly fallen into a trap

without even realising it.


Spiritual self-satisfaction and pride

is a self-destruct button.


Spiritual humility, on the other hand,

is a self-awareness

– an acknowledgment of our weaknesses

and of our volatile nature

…and of our great and constant need

for God’s counsel.






Lord, remove my pride and fill me with Your Spirit.


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