“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Matthew 18:21-22




“Lord, if my brother keeps on sinning against me,

how many times do I have to forgive him?

Seven times?”

“No, not seven times” answered Jesus,

“but seventy times seven.”


– Matthew 18:21-22 (GNT)






Peter’s question,

and particularly Jesus’ reply,

prescribe the spirit of understanding and mercy

which should govern our behaviour,

as Christians.


In Hebrew,

the figure of seventy times seven

means the same as "always"

– our Lord therefore declares

that our forgiveness must be

continuous and forever.


Humanly, it can be easy

to justify an attitude of contempt, hatred or the seeking of revenge.

But, by the grace of God,

may our lives be free from these things

and marked by an openness to reason,

a bearing of no malice,

an eagerness for reconciliation

– a willingness to forgive as He forgives us..






"Force yourself, if necessary,

always to forgive those who offend you, from the very first moment.

For the greatest injury or offense that you can suffer from them

is nothing compared to what God has pardoned you"


– St. Josemaria Escrivá






Lord, have mercy on me

and hold my hand…as I forgive.


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