“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 119:164



“Seven times a day I praise You…”


– Psalm 119:164 (NIV)






If I believe in God

and in His great love for me

and if I trust fully in Him

and He is everything to me,

then surely I should praise Him seven times a day, at least;

surely I should praise Him all day long

through my words, my deeds and even my thoughts!


Who else deserves my continuous praise if not my God?

Is there anyone or anything in my life that deserves such praise?


Am I constant in praising my God?

Am I consistent in declaring His greatness

and in declaring and demonstrating my love for Him?


Praising God constantly

is not only about

raising my mind and heart to Him throughout my day, whatever the circumstances,

but it is also about

living in a way that reflects my love for Him:

caring for others,

being just,

using my talents to do good for others,

helping the poor…

All these are valid ways by which I can praise God ceaselessly.


Perhaps I need to change my busy schedule

and rearrange my diary

to fit in some appointments with the Lord, my God, my All!








My Lord, my God, my All,

let my love for You be more, much more, than mere words.

Lord, I want to love You and praise You with all my mind, my heart, my soul and my strength. Amen.


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