“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Matthew 11:28




Jesus said,

“Come to me,

all you who labour

and are overburdened,

and I will give you rest.”


– Matthew 11:28 (NIV)






St John of the Cross paraphrases Our Lord’s words:

“All you who go about tormented, afflicted and burdened

with the burden of your cares and desires,

go forth from them,

come to Me and I will refresh you

and you shall find for your souls the rest which your desires take from you.”


We are weary,

and oftentimes it is our own consummate search for the perfect ideal

that stresses us

and weighs down so heavily on us

and robs us from our peace.

We are burdened by many things:

concerns about our jobs, our business,

marriage, money, health, children, security, old age;

about tough choices we seem to have to make time and time again;

our seemingly never-ending busy-ness;


about criticism or opposition;

about loneliness and emptiness;

about being misunderstood;

about a thousand other things.


If you feel life is burdensome and tiresome,

"Jesus says now and always,

‘Come to me,

all you who labour

and are overburdened,

and I will give you rest.’


His attitude towards us is one

of invitation, knowledge and compassion;

indeed, it is one

of offering, promise,

friendship, goodness,

remedy of our ailments.


He is our comforter;

indeed, our nourishment,

our bread,

giving us energy and life"


– Pope Paul VI






Jesus, my Lord, grant that I will always seek You – in every circumstance –

and that I may gladly experience the rest that only You can give.


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