“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – John 21:17




A third time Jesus said to Peter,

“Simon son of John, do you love Me?”


Peter became sad

because Jesus had asked him the third time, ‘Do you love me?’,

and so he said to Him,

“Lord, You know everything;

You know that I love You!”


– John 21:17 (GNT)






I put myself in Peter’s place.

There I am, in front of my Lord, Jesus;

He looks at me with His knowing, penetrating eyes

and He asks me directly, calling me by my name,

“…do you love Me?”


If I truly believe that Jesus is the Son of God,

then like Peter, I am also fully aware

that He already knows what my reply will be,

and He also knows whether it is the truth…or not.


When that moment arrives – and it shall –

will I be able to fix my eyes on my benevolent Lord,

who knows my human frailty,

and reply with humility and honesty, just like Peter did,

"Lord, You know everything;

You know that I love You.”


Will I?






Do I love You, Lord?

Please help me truly love You.


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