“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Matthew 7:13-14




Jesus said,

“You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate.

The road that leads to destruction is broad,

and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way.


But the gateway to life is very narrow

and the road is difficult,

and only a few ever find it.”


– Matthew 7:13-14 (JB)







Following the way of a generous and sincere Christian life is very demanding

– here Jesus speaks of a narrow gate and a difficult road –

but it leads to Life, to eternal salvation.


We must always keep in mind

that the way of sin is momentarily pleasant and calls for no effort,

but it leads to eternal perdition.


The Christian way involves carrying the cross,

a determination to obey God’s Law,



selfless generosity

– all out of love for God.


It can be uncomfortable walking along the narrow road;

it might even be tempting to turn around

and to wander off some other path that looks easier.


It can be lonely walking along the narrow road;

it might even be tempting to turn back and take the broad road

just because so many others seem to doing it.


But we must always trust in the Lord

and plead with Him to grant us the grace

and help us determinedly stick to the road

which ultimately leads to His Heavenly Kingdom.






“Life is found in following Christ on the "narrow road";

whereas, whoever chooses the "wide" and comfortable road,

exchanges life for short-lived satisfactions,

contemptuous of his own dignity and that of others.”


– St. John Paul II



"Jesus wants us to flourish.

He is telling us that we must be patient.

[…] Even though this way is “narrow,”

it is immensely fertile

and opens to ever-expanding realisations of life.

On the other hand,

the way that is wide and easy

continually narrows until it reaches a dead end.


Jesus offers us a great paradox:

the narrow gate opens to a wide and satisfying life;

the wide gate narrows to the point of despair.

We are wise to abandon our fear of anything narrow, simply because it is narrow,

and follow His instruction.”


– Dr. Donald DeMarco






Lord, You are the only Way.

Lord, grant me the grace and determination to follow You.


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