“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Sirach 51:18




I am determined to put [Wisdom] into practice,

I have earnestly pursued what is good,

I will not be put to shame.


– Sirach 51:18 (JB)






Dictionary definitions of “wisdom” include

– the quality of having knowledge and good judgement;

– the ability to discern;

– good sense;

– a wise attitude


In the Christian context, Wisdom means

always acting according to the spirit of the Commandments

and not looking for an ambiguity or omission

which we can use then to evade their true intent and to justify our actions.


Wisdom means

understanding the consequences of our life choices, actions and words

before we decide, act or speak.


Wisdom means

having the knowledge and understanding to recognise the right course of action

and having the will and courage to follow it.


Following the ways of Wisdom

helps bring us in harmony with God

because these ways are in accordance with His will, as revealed in the Bible,

and are pleasing to Him.


The ways of Wisdom

also bring us in harmony with other persons

because respect for others is the very essence of the Commandments.


Acting with Wisdom

brings us in harmony with ourselves,

giving us a sense of self-worth and inner peace.

This is because Wisdom helps us avoid the shame and guilt

that come from following our baser instincts.


We often fail in our daily struggle to act with wisdom

– it does not come easily or naturally.

Although it is easier to follow our less-than-wise impulses,

the reward for acting with wisdom and living in God’s grace

is great

…and it is eternal!

. .







You, Lord, are wisdom and harmony, and Your great love sustains me.

Help me always act in accordance with Your will.


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