“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Philippians 2:5




The attitude you should have

is the one that Christ Jesus had.


– Philippians 2:5 (GNT)






We are called to live in harmony with the mind of Christ,

to have the same attitude,

the same sentiments

– yes, with the same mind of Christ.


To begin with,

we need to cultivate a strong, intimate and personal friendship with the only Teacher;

seeking more and more

to know and assimilate the thoughts and sentiments that were His.


We need to never stop wanting to get to know Jesus more

so that we can become more like Him.

And we can only do that through spending quality time with Him,

reading His Gospels,

listening out for His voice,

and allowing Him to enter into our heart and to take over.


The more deeply you know Him,

the more strongly will you be united to Him.

The more we get to know Jesus,

the more we realise how much we need to renew ourselves,

and the stronger we will strive to attain His same attitude of heart.


To have the same sentiments of Christ means

to think like Him,

love like Him,

see like Him,

walk like Him.

It means to do what He did and with His same attitude,

with the sentiments of humility and selflessness,

and of detachment and generosity.


No matter how rough life can be;

no matter the situations we may face,

may we always look at Jesus with love and great hope,

and strive in all circumstances to make His attitude of heart our own.






“Learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart,

and you will find rest for your souls.”


– Our Lord Jesus Christ (Mat 11:29)



“It is not only and not simply a matter of following Jesus’ example, as something moral,

but of involving the whole of one’s existence in His way of thinking and acting.

Prayer must lead to an ever more profound knowledge and loving union with the Lord,

in order to think, to act and to love like Him,

in Him

and for Him.


To practice this,

to learn the mind of Christ,

is the way of Christian life.”


– Pope Benedict XVI



“To be Christian, in fact, means:

‘to have the same sentiments that were in Christ Jesus,

sentiments of humility and of self-giving,

of detachment and generosity.’”


– Pope Francis






Jesus, my Lord, my God, my Teacher, my Saviour,

create in me a new heart and make me more like You!


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