“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 33:18




The Lord watches over those who obey Him,
those who trust in His constant love.


– Psalm 33:18 (GNT)






Do I obey Him?

Do I trust in His constant love?


As we ask ourselves these two questions,

the Lord is listening to us,

and watching us as we look inside ourselves to find the answers.


If you have a personal relationship with Jesus,

you will know how He wishes you to be,

and what attitude He wants you to have.

As you look at Him on the Cross,

you will know the honest answers to those questions.


Confess, therefore, your weaknesses and your sins to the Lord;

regularly seek and obtain His forgiveness

through the Sacrament of Confession and Reconciliation,

and you will be restoring life to your soul.


As you experience the love and peace that only He can give,

your faith and trust in the Lord will be renewed

…and you will experience the unsurpassable joy

which comes from being, yet again, close to your loving Saviour.






Forgive me, O Lord, and renew me

and may your constant love be with me
as I put my hope in You.


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