“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Luke 24:36




Jesus was suddenly standing there among His Disciples.

“Peace be with you,” He said.


– Luke 24:36 (NLT)






On the evening of the day on which He rose from the dead,

Jesus appears to the disciples all of a sudden.

Without any need for the doors to be opened,

He presents Himself in their midst


“Peace be with you.”

His voice is tender,

and His is a kind, gentle, loving,

friendly and meaningful greeting.


This is how Jesus is with us:

He often presents Himself to us, suddenly and out of the blue,

when we least expect Him to.

Just imagine Jesus’ voice as He says to You:

“Peace be with you.”


He comes to us

and beckons us

even at those times

when we are rejecting Him,

when we are living contrary to His wishes.

But His greeting is always one of peace

– He IS the Bringer of peace!

He is Love personified.


We must not let Christ pass by

without humbly acknowledging His greeting,

without rushing up to Him

and glorying in His tender and loving embrace.






O Lord, I need You.

Jesus, fill me with Your peace.


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