“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – John 9:39




Jesus said,

“I entered this world to render judgment –

to give sight to the blind;

and to show those who think they see,

that they are blind.”


– John 9:39 (NLT)






Jesus did not come to condemn the world

but to save it.

His presence among us, however,

already involves a judgment,

because each of us has to take a stand

on whether to reject or accept Jesus.


Christ’s coming

implies the fall of some

and the salvation of others.


In this sense, we will fall into one of two categories


…on the one hand, the humble of heart,

who recognise their failings

and who go to Jesus

in search of forgiveness

– these will receive the light He is speaking of;


…on the other hand, those who are satisfied with themselves

and think that they do not need Christ

or His word

– these say they see

but in fact they are blind.






Lord, thank You for making me see Your truth.

Please grant me the grace to live it.


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