“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Luke 13:23-24




Jesus said,

“Try your best to enter by the narrow door

because, I tell you,

many will try to enter and will not succeed…”


– Luke 13:23-24(JB)






We are all called

to form part of the Kingdom of God,

for He "desires all people to be saved" (1 Tim 2:4).


Certainly, only those of us who make a serious effort

can reach the goal of salvation

– and Our Lord emphasises this

by using the simile of the narrow door.


Ego, pride,



urges and cravings,

– am I doing anything to prevent all these from firmly attaching themselves to me?

Do I regularly justify my habits and lifestyle to myself,

and perhaps even to others?


Am I truly interested in passing through that door

and, if so, do I think I will manage to pass through it

without any need to change?


There is no way that I will be able to pass through

that ultimate and all-important door

unless I recognise and struggle against,

repent from and shed

my self-indulgence.


How terrible it will be

to find myself trying to enter

…and not succeeding.






"A Christian’s struggle must be unceasing,

for interior life consists

in beginning and beginning again.

This prevents us from proudly thinking

that we are perfect already."


– St. Josemaria Escriva






Oh how I need You, Lord, to come and rescue me from myself.

Come, Holy Spirit, come and change me.


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