“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 145:17-18




The Lord is righteous in everything He does;
He is filled with kindness.
The Lord is close to all who call on Him,
yes, to all who call on Him in truth.


– Psalm 145:17-18 (NLT)






The Lord’s is a kingdom of justice,

in the sense that He responds with kindness and salvation

to all who invoke Him and love Him.


These words can tell us something about how we should pray:

“There is no better way

to be granted the petitions that we hold in our hearts

than to put all the strength of our prayer into what is most pleasing to God;

for then He will not only grant us what we ask – our salvation;

He will also give us what He sees we need

and what would be good for us,

even though we did not petition Him for it.


…may only those things of the highest value

form the subject of our petition;

may our prayer be for salvation;

for as it says later in the Psalm (vs 19-20):

“He grants the desires of those who fear Him;
He hears their cries for help and rescues them.
The Lord protects all those who love Him…”


What David is saying then,

is that God will satisfy all our heart’s desires

and grant us all we want,

even though it has not crossed our mind to petition Him for them.”


– St. John of the Cross






O Lord, my God, my Saviour,

change my heart and make it clean and pure,

that I may forget myself and only seek Your face.


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