“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 90:12




[Lord] teach us to consider our mortality,

so that we might live wisely.


– Psalm 90:12 (NET)






Let us direct our mind, heart and soul

to look up to the Lord,

and to seek, from Him, the wisdom and understanding,

which will bring us to consider every day as if it were our last.


We cannot boast of tomorrow.

We don’t know whether today, or tonight,

He will be sending for us,

so let us ask Him to teach us

how to seriously meditate upon and consider the shortness of our days.

Let us plead with our Creator

to give us the grace to live every day wisely

and in a manner pleasing to Him.


Every day, let us constantly seek Christ

to walk with Him;

to learn from Him;

to become more like Him

that we may be prepared

for the day when we are sent for…to appear before Him.






O Lord, my God and Saviour,

teach me how to live every day for You.


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