“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 145:18




The Lord is near all who cry out to Him,

all who cry out to Him sincerely.


– Psalm 145:18 (NET)






The Lord is near those

who call upon Him in truth

– trustingly and in faith.


The false, the skeptical,

the impatient, the selfish and the proud

– these push the Lord away.


The Lord responds

with kindness and salvation

to all those who invoke Him

with humility and with love.


This can tell us something

about how we should pray.

As St John of the Cross tells us,

“there is no better way

to be granted the petitions

that we hold in our hearts,

than to put all the strength of our prayer

into what is most pleasing to God;

for then, He will not only grant us what we ask – our salvation;

He will also give us what He sees we need

and what would be good for us,

even though we did not petition Him for it.”






O most loving Father, have mercy on Your child.

Almighty God, please hear the plea that comes from deep within my heart.


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