“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 4:2




Children of men,

how long will you be heavy of heart,

why love what is vain

and chase after illusions?


– Psalm 4:2 (JB)






How true!

We all get those moments

of heaviness of heart

– sometimes lasting

much more than just moments.



A thousand reasons…if we try justifying.

Wrong reasons, most of them…

if we are honest with ourselves!


Whatever it is that is causing our sadness, our anxiety, our anger, or our panic,

if we call out to God

– who is always there, right beside us –

He will help expose our illusions

and, if we cooperate with Him,

we will overcome our vanities and our weaknesses.


He gives us consolation and lasting peace

but we need to trust in Him

and do as He tells us.






Lord, increase my faith and trust in You.

More of You, Lord, and less of me!


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