“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Romans 12:12




Let your hope keep you joyful,

be patient in your troubles,

and pray at all times.


– Romans 12:12 (NET)






“What is this joy that some Christians like me speak about?

Surely they aren’t going through what I am going through!”


“How can I be joyful when my world seems to be collapsing around me;

when everything seems to be going wrong;

when I feel so lonely and misunderstood?”


It is believing in

and accepting

the love of God

that makes us joyful, strong and persevering.

That is how one can accept trouble and suffering with joy and hope,

because one knows that what the Lord promises in exchange

is something so much better,

so beyond one’s understanding or imagination!


That inner joy in the midst of difficulties

is in fact one of the clearest signs

that we trust in the Lord;

that we faithfully accept that His will be done;

that the love of God is influencing everything we do.






Jesus, I trust in You!


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