“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Matthew 16:15




“But what about you?” Jesus asked,

“Who do you say I am?”


– Matthew 16:15 (NIV)






Who do I say Jesus is?


Not an easy question to answer.

Not an easy question for Christians to answer honestly,

especially if we don’t spend quality time with Him.


Who is Jesus for me?


If I don’t make time for Him

to get to know Him and learn from Him through Scripture,

to listen to His voice,

to share my thoughts and feelings with Him,

to just be with Him and simply share special quiet moments…

then I don’t really know Jesus

and He can’t be all that special for me,

nor so important.


If Jesus is truly special for me,

then my heart would gladly acknowledge Him

as my “humble and gentle” God (Mt 11:29)

who makes “all things new” (Rev 21:5).


If Jesus is truly special for me,

I will find myself going humbly before Him, time and time again,

declaring with all my heart,

“You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God!” (Mt 16:16).


Jesus is truly my Lord and my God,

when I can – knowingly and in truth – make His words my own

and joyfully proclaim Him as

“the Bread of Life” (Jn 6:35)

“the Living Bread” (Jn 6:51)

“the Gate through whom we will be saved” (Jn 10:9)

“the Good Shepherd” (Jn10:11)

“the Resurrection and the Life” (Jn 11:25)

“the Way, the Truth and the Life” (Jn 14:6)

“the True Vine” (Jn 15:5)

“the Alpha and the Omega – the Beginning and the

End” (Rev 1:8;21:6;22:13)

“the First and the Last” (Rev 1:17)

“the Bright Morning Star” (Rev 22:16)






Jesus, You are everything to me!


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