8 June 2013 – Tobit 13:6




Turn to Him with all your heart and soul,
live in loyal obedience to Him.
Then He will turn to you to help you
and will no longer hide Himself.

Remember what God has done for you,
and give thanks with all your heart.
Praise the righteous Lord;
honour the eternal King.


– Tobit 13:6 (GNT)






Here I am, O Lord my King,

to give You thanks and praise,

for You have done so much for me

and I am nothing without You.


Yet there are times when I am weak, O Lord,

and I allow my foolishness to take over

and I put You aside.

But then, with the help of Your grace,

I come to my senses

…and realise how empty and lost I am

when I take my focus off You.


O Lord my God,

thank You for Your unconditional love for me;

for Your readiness to forgive,

and for Your willingness to renew me every time.


Grant, O Lord,

that I will always seek to love You

and obey Your commands

with all my heart, my mind, my soul and my strength.








Thank You, Lord God.

Forgive me, Lord God.

Help me, Lord God.

I love You, Lord God.

. .



YEAR OF FAITH 2012-2013



Faith in God

leads us to turn to Him alone as our first origin and our ultimate goal,

and neither to prefer anything to Him

nor to substitute anything for Him.


[CCC 229]



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